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Update on the Minecraft Bitcoin Faucet


As some of you know, I run MinecraftCC and the Minecraft Bitcoin Faucet on that server. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who play Minecraft to be introduced to Bitcoin and gather some small amounts of BTC themselves (entirely dependent upon how much “work” they put in).

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The fund began with 1 BTC donated by myself along with 0.26 BTC donated by a few others, and it has almost run out. I will fund it with an additional BTC, but I would surely appreciate donations from anyone else who would like to contribute to bringing new users into the Bitcoin world! Send to 13m8dAb16KqWv7v9oEsr97mYMXbynR6CoD.

The first 1.13 BTC has lasted from November 19th until today, and people seem to genuinely appreciate the payout, even if it is small bits at a time. In that time, 227 people have signed up and have received at least one payout.

This next round, I will be advertising among other Minecraft communities to help gather some more fresh faces who haven't been exposed to Bitcoin before.

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