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Why is bitcoin so expensive? Because everybody wants one.


Seriously. Everyone that I've talked to, though at first may have been skeptical, now all seem genuinely interested in bitcoin. When the price was going through the roof in march my friends all said that they wanted to obtain at least one 'coin'.

Whether it be that I don't have that many friends or my friends are just cooler than most people, I'm not sure. And who knows if my friends really understood it. Not that it's wrong, but I think for some people that it's just about the fact that there's only going to be 21 million. They justify it the same as buying an expensive pack of baseball cards with hopes to sell them to someone else in a few years.

What are your experiences?

Some people I know have the hipster syndrome. There's that guy that just can't like the band that anyone else likes. There's just those people that their life missions are to be as removed from trendy things as possible, even when the trendy things are awesome.

People like to have stuff. And this is something people can have, but only 21 million people could ever have one of. In the next price surge, I estimate that we'll begin to get the sentimental owners. The ones that say, I'll buy one just to say I was a part of it!

TL;Dr Just the random mumblings of an old dying man.

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