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How to file a FTC complaint against BFL’s illegal business practices


Many of you are stuck in a position where Butterfly Labs has still not delivered their products to you and are refusing you a refund. This is illegal in the United States under basic sales contract law. You do not need an actual physical “paper” contract to be entitled to these protections. The protections are automatic when a sale is made.

As I tried to explain this to Josh I was met with nothing but grade school insults. You can view the conversation starting at this post if you so wish:

Anyways, there is something you can do today that will help put an end to BFL's illegal business practices. If you have an order from BFL and you have been refused a refund you may file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This is actually very easy. Go to the following site:

On the right hand side of the screen, select “Internet Services, Online Shopping, or Computers”. For the subcategory, select “Online Shopping”. You will see the following options: I received merchandise late. I never received merchandise. I was not notified about a late shipment. I did not receive a prompt refund. I never received a correct refund. Other

Check all that apply, and continue to the next page. It will now ask you for details about when you requested your refund. Fill in the information on when you sent your email requesting a refund, the dates, and who responded (if you got a response at all).

Now continue to the next page. It will ask you for details about the company. Here they are: Address: 10770 El Monte Leawood, KS 66211 Phone: 1-800-809-MINE (6463)

Now continue to the next page. It will ask you for your contact information. This is optional but I recommend filling it out so that they can call you to get more information so they can move forward on taking action against BFL. However, even if you don't fill out your contact information you will be doing a great service since if enough people file one they will definitely open an investigation of the company.

Now continue to the last page. This is simply a comments box. Type all of the relevant information about your experience. Additional information will help them greatly in their investigation into BFL's business practices and how they are violating consumer protection laws regarding refunds and late deliveries.

That is all. Go to the next page and it will review your complaint and you can submit it. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

View the original here:

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